An HR-geared site should have some objectives right? For the year, we’ve lofty goals to kick out and share into the world of people analytics.

First up will be a push to build out the initial round of machine learning posts. A step-by-step approach to building your first few machine learning projects with HR data. This will be done first in Python.

Which brings to our next goal. R. Many of you want to see these items completed in R. And we’ll begin to Port over some of the code and examples into R. This will be a fun learning on our side as well.

Thirdly, more visualization examples. People analytics can mean giving users access to the information and letting them find answers and meaning. There are so many times today to give direct access to users to explore data.

Finally, data and data science education. To the early point of getting information in the hands of interested parties, there should be a push – especially in HR – to understand data, and acquire data literacy and skills to better serve organizations and modern business. Why ‘especially in HR’? HRBPs are great at people-related skills, but we’re bringing data to the last business unit to embrace it and it’s not a skill that is strong in HR… Yet.